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How to control revenge

The man who is vengeful , often with fanaticism, once the action out of the rail, can produce defamatory, frame-up, to infringe upon the rights of the person and immoral behavior, and even beyond the law, the end will also very sad . Generally speaking, when people affected by others hurt, will produce a certain reaction ,  But does not necessarily will produce the vengeful or retaliation . If you think that the other party intends to slander, may retaliate; If you think that is not intentional injury, or that others make you get setback behavior is justified, and not for revenge. At the same time, also has relationship with environment revenge. How to adjust vengeful: revenge is also can adjust, specifically, may obtain from the following several aspects :

    1) Learn to use motivation a effect unified view to measure people’s behavior. Use motivation – effect unified view to measure the behavior of people, can reduce many discontent produce, thus stopping part of the formation of revenge. People are doing anything, there is a kind of inner driving force. This power can be for money, also can be in order to give full play to their talents, etc. The inner driving force is motivation. People’s behavior by motivation always driven, measure a behavior of good and evil, should be in its effect and the motivation of the unified basis, simply from behavior effect to understanding question, has neglected the behavior motive, often can make things beyond recognition. A classmate be afraid you late, very early call you up, but you blame him to bother you rest. This means that you don’t have the motivation and results together to consider. Therefore, a man may from considered for you good motivation and send some behavior, but as a result of improper method or ability is limited, but bring you the evil consequence. At this time, you should understand. Otherwise, will confuse right and wrong, make good person suffering injustice and disaster.

2) Correct to think setbacks that others bring you. In interpersonal, might not have been no conflict of interest. When you suffer setbacks, might as well a psychological transposition, put herself in each other’s situation, I thought I will do, so that you may be able to understand each other’s many difficulties, so as to correctly treat others bring you setbacks, and not take revenge way.

3) Consider the harmfulness of revenge results. In prior to the occurrence of retaliation, might as well think, through the revenge, in addition to experience revenge itself brought about by the “pleasure” and to revenge object harm caused by the outside, you will not get each other more karma? Will the accused by the public opinion? While penalizing will? As is known to all, want to harm to others are always reap as one has sown

4) Through the study, strengthen their own accomplishment, open mind, improve self-control. Vindictive man general nature is narrow, susceptibility. If you can in the study to improve understanding, in my interactions growth knowledge, know life is a long process, want to have patience and tolerance spirit. Enhance self control ability, can from or less influenced by environment, especially the third party provocative negative influence.

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