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Health Effects of Sports

1 Promote the Whole Function to Develop Comprehensively

From a health point of learning, how to make the human body as a whole and enhance function from top to bottom was the human health problem needing to be solved. However, so far no single drug can have such a holistic function, only sport is the best means.

Human movements were always as an organic unity of the whole. Any kinds of sports, not only the locomotive organs’ movement, but also the movements of cardiovascular, respiration, energy metabolism, endocrine, sensory systems as well as the whole body tissues and organs, they occurred corresponding adaptive changes,and coordinate with the campaign under the unified command of the nervous system.So far as the people in this organism were concerned, the sports promoted the low level functions to coordinate with the high-level functions. It acted on the human body and made them to generate good health effects.

Because modern production methods and labor structure have changed, the proportion of the mental work expanded, although this reduces the labor intensity and physical fatigue, it brought the high tension of spirit and physical decline in metabolicrate. Excessive nervousness, but physical activity and energy consumption is significantly reduced, as time passed, the body was prone to muscle atrophy,osteoporosis, mental recession, decreased metabolism, obesity and so on. According to the principle of exercise physiology, the different forms of body work caused the different types of fatigue, and different fatigue required a different form of rest. After the great physical fatigue, adequate sleep and some bed rest was necessary, but the mental or spiritual fatigue needed not only the rest, but also the sports which could promote the metabolism, it could increase awareness of physical exertion and achieve the purpose of physical activity, enhancing strength and radiating new vitality, this was called active rest. If you repeated this process regularly, the body would produce physiological adaptation, improve the ability of work and fully exercise the body as a whole. The overall health effects of the body can’t be achieved by any medical treatment, health care or nutrition health products.

2 Strengthen the Coordination of Social and Biological Health

In the process of historical development of human society, the people’s biological functions had to adjust continuously to meet the needs of social function in relation to human survival and development. If the two master-slave relationship cannot coordinate, it would generate disease. Though the people themselves had extensive adaptability, a good adapting ability needed to exercise and improve; it must be based on the system of physical exercise. With the development of modern society, people’ssocial function required higher physically and mentally healthy. But the modern society brought comfort of life, convenience of work, wealth material, nutrition,muscle relaxation, fat accumulation, stress, nervous fatigue and other negative effects,so the body cannot well adapted to the developing needs of the social function,therefore, how to solve the contradiction between the need of people’s biological function and social function has become a social health problem which was accompanied by the social development. Among the many preventive measures and means, only sports were an ideal solution to this coordination relationship and promoted the healthy development. On the one hand, sports improved the biological function and laid the basis for the biological needs of adapting the society; on the other hand, physical activity can compensate and correct the negative impact between the social and the biological functions, so as far as people’s dual character was concerned, the sports strengthened the coordination between social and biological health in high degree.

3 Promote the Mental Processes to Regulate the Biological and Social Functions

Mental health was an important part of people’s health. Physical activity would generate a significant mental activity under any condition. Studies have shown that the medium intensity exercise can increase arousal level through a variety of sensory inputs, exhilarate people’s spirits, eliminate fatigue, banish cares, and it could treat and regulate the people with lack of energy and poor mood. Participating in sports regularly could exercise man’s will, enhance mental firmness, relieve mental tension and reduce stress response. Group sports activities can enhance human contact, increase social interaction, gain physical and mental pleasure, cure the autism, and obtain social needs and satisfaction.

Sports can shape the mind, set people’s mind at rest, inhibit the physical and mental stresses, eliminate anxiety, control “A type of behavior”, and promote mental health.Physical movement had a therapeutic effect to treat mental illness. According to foreign investigations on the 1750 psychiatrists, 60% of doctors believed that physical activity should be as a means of the treatment of anxiety disorders, 80% of physicians thought that physical activity was an effective means of treating depression.Studies confirmed that the active state of mind, positive and optimistic belief in life, stable mental or psychological state were necessary conditions for health and longevity, and it was also the basic of social civilization and progress, so in terms of people’s psychological, physical and biological functions of human ties with the regulation of social function, it is also an important means of promoting mental health.

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