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The Concept of Health and Its Influencing Factors

The health defined as WHO is that “health is not the absence of disease and noabnormal phenomena, but also mental and social lives are in good condition”. Thus,health should be considered in two ways, first, whether people are sick; the second is the ability to maintain health. For example, some people were found no disease in the medical examination, but it is likely to have health problems when the environment changes slightly, subjected to any stimulus, or encountered pathogenic factors, while another kind of people were not so, they can adapt to the environment changes, and respond to stimulus actively and resist the role of risk factors, this is an ideal health.In other words, peoples who looked healthy were different in maintaining health. The ability of maintaining health was the key to health, and it’s the positive aspects of health. It can be seen from the definition of health: In the development of human knowledge, people’s understanding of health gradually overcome a single, isolated concepts, formed a perfect and deep understanding of health, and achieved acomprehensive and systematic concepts of health.

Healthy development was affected by many factors, according to foreign epidemiology, sociology, and clinical social surveys, the main factor which restricting human health were: lifestyle and living conditions (50%

55%), environment(20%

25%), genetic factors (15%

20%), and health care work (10%

 15%) ⋯.Overall, genetic (genes) and environment (natural, social) were the determinants of health, genetic determined the individual health and the susceptibility to disease,environment determines the susceptibility of individual diseases; and way of life and living conditions greatly affected the health, poor lifestyle (such as lack of sports) can make the human life in a non-health, reduced quality of life, and shortened life expectancy.

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