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How to overcome stage fright

The prevention and treatment of disease getting stage fright is the question that exam and interview must pay attention to So how to overcome stage fright ? The following points can reference

First of all , we must be rich in examinee’s social experience. Let the students take part in all kinds of social practice at school , including in the conference speech, speech writing, organizing various activities, evaluating of various events and charactersSecond, let the examinee to visit various employing fairLet them be familiar with recruitment process, and understand the recruitment exam content. Let them personally know the examiner is how to ask questions, and the examinee is how to answer. Third, let the examinee discuss with already working graduates, listen to their experience that taking an exam , learning examination-oriented skills. Fourth, let the employer’s personnel cadres do report for the examinee, and let the personnel officer introduce the recruitment, and unit of choose and employ persons to talented person’s demand and hope, as the examinee examination after the guideFifth, undertake to the student emotion relaxation training, so that they can overcome in the examination stage fright effectively . one of the emotional relaxing training method is to let the examinee rapidly tighten muscles, and quickly relax. It can be repeated several times. The other emotional relaxation training method is to let the examinee do slow and deep breathing, and imagine taking tension away once breath. Sixth, the examinee should be appropriate to reduce their own job expectations, don’t fancy exam-oriented is successful for a time.

Prepare failing plan in advance, instead, it will be benefit to eliminate intense sentiment, improve the effect of examination.

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