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How to understand yourself better

A stele in ancient Greece Mount Parnassus temple engraved with a sentence like that ,” know yourself”, it shows the importance of understanding yourself. Because self-awareness is the premise of self excited, self-reliance. However,The old saying “I do not know the true face of Mount Lu, just because in the mountain ” ,that shows the difficult to correctly understand oneself. It is not as clearly and objectively as like understanding others or the outside things.

To correctly understand self, the young college students should know following several aspects.

Firstly, you should do a ” self testing “, to grasp your actual condition

Secondly, you should Learn to understand yourself from different stand and different way.

In daily life, we usually get the judgment and understanding about ourselves from the way which comparing with others in a small range of social and evaluations from the others. But in fact the self – concept that formed in these way has a lot of limitations, it cannot help people adapt to the bigger life range .Many college students in middle school stage is the leader who living in a piece of praise sound from their teacher, family, society and classmates. But, when they go to university, they may not be a leader. They often can’t find their proper position in the collective. They are facing the difficulty that is adapting to the university life. There are many people who set themselves the goal too high, the result repeatedly suffers setbacks. After the failure,they soon turn to inferiority from the arrogant, even dispirited and discouraged, never have the passion to win

3 Learn to finding the real feedback about yourself from the world around you, avoid error brought by your own subjective understanding.

Psychology research shows, we get the information selection and understanding from the world which has restriction by our need tendency. In daily life, the true meaning about a way of feedback, often need to be verified from other sources. Especially sometimes people do not directly expression true evaluation to us, even duplicity. If we trust simple, and it becomes a kind of trend, then our self-concept will be more and more away from the true self. Someone in life intentionally induced and hunting for their expected evaluations ,but do not considering the authenticity of the evaluation. If anyone would be interested in having a high evaluation and ignore criticism or suggestions from the others for improvement, then it is not desirable.

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