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Development memory ability of education is necessary for us, and further develop their cognitive skills. There are many ways and methods to improve memory ability, we mainly introduced in the following a few kinds of methods.

(1) Have a clear purpose

The purpose of memory is clear or not has a close relationship with the memory effect. In other conditions being equal, the more clear memory target has a higher memory effect. The founder of psychoanalysis is Freud said: “Intention is the foundation of all memory and forget. What people have memoried, should be what they want to remembered; what people have forgot, should be what they want to forgot.” Memory purpose on memory effect mainly displays in:

1, Have a clear purpose, memory materials will keep more content and take longer; memory objective fuzzy, memory materials will keep fewer content and easy to forget.

2, Have a clear purpose , the mastering of knowledge will be comprehensive and system; No purpose of memory, mastery of knowledge scattered is not complete. If there is no clear and specific purpose of memory, it is difficult to remember the system and the comprehensive knowledge. For example, we read novels, watching movies, listening to the radio, visiting a show, to attend the meeting, chatting with friends, there was no memory intention, without any effort, can also unknowingly remember some things, some interesting knowledge even remember deeply in our hearts. However, these unconsciously remember things, no matter what how vivid, bright, how strong, after all, is some of the fragmentation of the clips, could not form organized system of knowledge.

(2) Have faith

“Must be able to remember”, this kind of belief is very important for memory. No matter who, upset must remember, must be able to remember confidence before memory materials, will get unusual memory effect. However, many college students lack of confidence to their memory ability. They just twenty or so years old often sigh: “we are, and have poor memory, so that the brain is not useful as before.” Some people see other people’s memory is very strong, he believed himself memory difference, form the inferiority mentality. Still, they pull a long face and sigh in despair before memory, didn’t wait be at war to be battle shy. All of these is to have no confidence in memory performance.

Research shows that a person as long as nervous system perfect, have huge memory potential, also will show amazing memory ability. However, in the subjective judgment, many people easily announced “they have a poor memory”. In essence, their memory is not bad, but they have the wrong judgment and estimation of their memory.

(3) Pay attention to focus

Pay attention to is the psychological activities on certain things and focus point. During class, apply oneself to attentively; self-study, attentively do homework; appreciate the music, to listen carefully; rack your brains when thinking, all is to focus attention on performance.

(4) Thinking positive

Thinking and memory, thinking ability and memory ability has a very close relationship. The memory is the foundation of thinking, there is no previous memory of material in the mind, then don’t think; the result of thinking activity, also want to rely on memory can be preserved. Thinking is the conditions of memory, to contact new knowledge or new experience, if not through the thinking for understanding, it is difficult to become a long-term memory.

(5) emotional stability

Emotion and memory are closely related. Research shows that, like, happy, satisfaction and positive emotions, feelings, and also can promote the students to consciously learning, active memory; On the contrary, fantod, hate, anxiety and other negative emotions, feelings, the inhibition of students’ learning enthusiasm reduced memory efficiency. The researchers found that happy people are concerned about the winner, and sad people most concerned about the fate of the losers.

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