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How to improve memory

How to Improve memory?Here we introduce some methods of improve memory

1To improve sensory memory

Sensory memory, also known as sensory registration,refers to the learning materials maintain the memory of the moment, about 0.25-2 seconds . Sensory memory storage is characterized by a large storage capacity, has a distinctive image. To enhance sensory memory effect, the following two methods can be taken:

 (1) to reduce the distraction stimuli.

Characteristics of sensory memory is ,if you don’t pay attention to information ,it will disappears. Therefore, in order to maintain the information in the memory system a longer period of time, the information must be noted. To achieve the purpose of focus must reduce distracting stimuli. For example, Learning environment should be quiet, not noisy; Less placed furnishings on the desktop when reading to make their own minds clinics; Do not listen to music while they studied to minimize distracting stimuli.

 (2) Simplified the purpose

You should concentrated on it before reading or attend a lecture, that is intently focused on the ongoing thing. We have no superhuman powers , do a number of things at the same time, it is inevitable to trade-offs. Even if several things need to do , You can only do one thing at a period of time in order to do a good job. Mere purpose ,loyal mind, so that you can learn solid and remember clearly.

2To improve short-term memory

Short-term memory is kept shorter memory. After short-term memory it will be Encoded.

Enhance the effectiveness of short-term memory can be taken as follows:

 (1) Repeat  

 A large number of studies have shown that repeat play an important role in the process of the students memorize information. Repeat has two roles in the short-term memory:First, continue to strengthen information in the short-term memory to avoid forgotten, second, Let the retell contents transferred to long-term memory. However, in the retelling, do not simply repeat.


Short-term memory capacity is limited by the memory span, one can expand the memory span by expanding units, this technique is called “chunks”. Chunk is a plurality of discrete units, to combination as a coherent unit, Such as combination letters into words, combination words into phrases or sentences

 (3) adhere to the principle of vocoder first

Short-term memory encoding, mainly audio coding. Therefore, when learning language materials, vocoder is the most important in graphic, phonological, meaning three encoding. According to this principle, whether it is learning Chinese or learning English ,when encounter a new word vocabulary, you must seek the correct pronunciation first. Remember that the glyph after the correct pronunciation then can enhance memory.

3To improve long-term memory

Long-term memory is to keep the memory of more than 2 minutes, which is characterized by the information holding time long, the capacity is unlimited, and can restore after disturbed. Long-term memory is the repository of the people. To enhance long-term memory, the following methods can be taken:

 (1) using of visual imagery.

Since ancient Greece, the visual imagery is regarded as a powerful method of memory. Psychological research shows that students in the memory of the literary works, if the events depicted in the works to form a imagery, and will help remember. If after reading the section of the article, and then imagine the various scenarios described in the article, and you will remember it better. Western popular keywords technology is an example of the use of visual imagery.

 (2) Organization.

Knowledge constructed in a systematic way. Organization is an important means to learn and remember new information. Psychological studies show that almost all the mnemonics are based on the construction and organization of information, and the result is to make the information easy to remember and easy to extract.

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