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How to overcome jealousy?

As a social person,jealousy psychological unavoidably produce , but the jealousy also can bring harm , so how to overcome the jealousy?

Social envy psychology is a kind of very harmful psychological .The envy is called “pupil eye” in the bible, Matthew called the devil “night of the wheat planting of barnyard grass envious”, Baconic curse envy was “the most mean the most depraved lust”, Balzac more imaged to say “the envious than any unfortunate people more pain, for the happiness of others, and his own misfortune, will make him misery”. In interpersonal interaction, the envy psychology can only bring student pain; this kind of mental state must be regulated.

1. A correct view on others’ ability and strengths. When someone does in a hand stronger than them, should seek truth from facts to admit, and efforts to keep up with the joneses, you completely don’t envy and defy spirit.

2. To be good at adjusting target. When their goals and other people’s goals, and others in this respect has more than yourself far away, you can change the goal, in a direction to strive, may obtain and others ideal results.

3. To be good at distracting. Don’t always look at in others’ advantages and strengths, and also can’t always focus on a few outstanding personalities, you must learn to settle for second best.

4. Maintain good state of mind. Want to know in any group, someone is excellent, went before them, and there is always someone a little relatively backward. You can go to strive, to seek, really miss, temporary don’t importune.

5. Often think them without jealousy. Jealousy is hard to hide, in the interpersonal relationships to perceive others. Once people found you envy him (her), the communication will be affected. And so, might as well eliminate the envy psychology, open easily communicate with each other, so that might be able to get unexpected communication effect.

There is a variety of method to overcome Jealousy psychological, these measures can be used as a try to use.

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