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How to control the anger?

Generally speaking, eliminating the anger can reduce the aggressive behavior. To control the anger, there’re two ways.One is to use the actual infringement to eliminate the anger. For example, (1) fight back offender. Such as taunting the one who insult you, this will reduce the aggressive behaviors you would do to them.(2)against the offender’s model or other things. For instance, some enterprises in Japan has set up some “vent rooms”, which put a lot of plastic portraits of the chairman or the manager, the workers can beat on them, so as to give vent to discontent and alleviate the contradiction between the boss and staff. Of course, this method may cause greater attack.

The second is not to produce the actual attack, sometimes it can also eliminate anger. (1) Watching the person who hurts you that harmed by others, can give vent to anger, so as to reduce aggressive behavior. (2) Watch aggressive movies, such as ranger or the martial arts. (3) To participate in competitive sports, such as football, boxing, etc., can also make people be able to release the encroachment of emotions, thus reducing aggressive behavior.

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