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How to overcome the obstacles of university graduates in professional roles

To prevent and overcome the obstacles effectively of university graduates in professional roles,we need to take the following measures.

First, enrich and improve the students’ professional knowledge and skills. To make it more in line with the actual needs of the modern professional, so that they can be handy to their works.

And the second, making the undergraduates be familiar with what post they have taken , the right and obligations of the professional roles and the professional standards and ethics, it can prompt their behaviors more in tune with their professional roles which will make it more easier to transform the students’ roles to workers’ roles.

For the third part, the interpersonal skills of the graduates need to be trained totally. Let them fully realized the complexity of interpersonal relationships in work units in order to help the graduates to overcome the problem of interpersonal relationship idealized. Like this , once they set foot on work unit , they would not be fantasy or discouraged. On the contrary, they would blend into the new unit, thus complete the transformation of the student to staff.

At last, the unit leadership and colleagues should give warm care to the graduates and make them feel the attention and trust from the organization .This will effectively eliminate their strangeness, fear, loneliness ,so that they can quickly accept the new job、new colleague and new unit. Thus, it can avoid the occurring the obstacles of university graduates in professional roles.

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