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How to avoid depressed mood after festival

People often show depressed mood state after major holidays, major festival and other emotional climax.That is a very normal psychological phenomenon .For example,After watching the Olympic Games,there is no game,many people also appeared such an emotional loss state.
What can you do to avoid mood lost?
Lin Ye,the national psychological consultant,said,the pleasure of watching games really can transfer the close group what people get along with;people lose themselves in the passion of winning the gold medal temporarily ,which can replace the lose of work briefly.Once they get back to the original life,the emotional conversion will be difficult to recover.
According to the psychological doctor’s clinical experience ,when the Olympic Games,World Cup,European Cup and other major sports events overed,the sports fans will appeared the followling symptoms:appetite to drop,liver and stomach discomfort,mouth bitter fire, which caused by the disorder of biological clock;anxiety,on pins and needles,emotional and so on.
Exercise more to transfer interest points and deal with anxiety
How can you come through the down mood?
Psychological expert advice,the office worker can develop more interest and make more friends at ordinary times,let your life fun not only concentrated in front of the television.At the same time,you need to correct the biological clock,supply the micronutrient lost,and take some complex Vitamin B,Vitamin B12,Vitamin C.In addition,you can arrange favourite sports in spare time,to transfer the interest points.what’s more,you can drink some hot water to relieve body fatigue,and drink some seaweed soup and chrysanthemum tea to send fire.

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