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How to redress children’s School-weary Psychology?

When redressing children’s school-weary psychology,we should pay attention to the following points in family education:

1.The patriarch ought to understand children properly,and change the education methods in practical way.Parents should view problems in children’s views and give children more care and less criticism,which means to create a warm and harmonious family atmosphere.

2.Parents can try to excavate children’s adventages and give them sincere encourage and praise when children make even a little progress in order to build children’s self-respect as well as self-confidence.

3.Supervise and urge children to develop good learning habits,and guide them to master proper study methods which are suitable to them.

4.Parents should try to provide a fine study environment for children,creating a “family for study”,and make children feel cheerful in studying.Fixed room for study,fixed time for study,necessery reading and learing materials,and parents’ examples in studying are all important in this process.Besides,the teachers also should pay attention to these problems:

1.Make good use of classwide meetings to educate students.

2.Try to transform dull teaching into vivid and flexable classes,in order to increase students interests in study,and return the initiative to studtents themselves.

3.Care more for the students who are unwilling to study,try to excavate those students’ specialities,and develop their self-confidence,guiding them to proper directions.

4.To deal with students’ psychological problems using educational psychology knowledge,and give less criticism,and never cynicism.

5.Teach students how to arrange after-school lives properly,asking them not to get addicted to online games.

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