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There are many reasons with inattention. Inattention will affect learning, and even affect the physical and mental health. So, what to do with inattention? We introduce the measures of debugging inattention:?
First, you should have the correct study manner.?
The correct study manner is able to overcome all kinds of problems in the study. The clear attitude is able to focus and improve the learning efficiency. Of course, the correct study manner also comes from people of understanding to the study. So, we all say that learning attitude is a personal outlook on life and world outlook of the concrete embodiment.?
Second, you should master the scientific learning laws.?
Planning learning time and choosing study site, also can help us to shape the study law. Once the time and place are settled down, you should make study into effect. For example, if you set to study at 7p.m, you should start learning at this time. This regulation at the beginning of the room will be signal making thought active at a high speed. At the beginning you can study in a short time, and slowly you can according to progress extend some time. It can make for you to gradually overcome inattention or problem of focusing difficultly.?
At the same time, the choice of study site must also be comfortable, quiet, bright, ventilated, and without interference. In the study to insist, so if you repeated, and you will establish good conditioning that study site is the signal to focus.
Third, you should learn to use thinking block method.?
The students with inattention in learning often go off into wild flights of fancy. It is necessary to stop whirlpool thoughts for improving the learning efficiency in time. When the chaos thought appear, you can close eyes, make and loosen a fist repeatedly to contact muscle, and at the same time say to myself: “stop!” So repeating several times, you can attention.

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