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Mental fatigue is not only reduce work efficiency, but also has a great influence on mental health. Long-term psychological fatigue, make the person depressed, mood depressed, bored, tired and then to psychogenic diseases. These diseases include endocrine disorders, immune suppression and a variety of chronic wasting disease, such as peptic ulcer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc. In recent years, constantly in the press’s untimely death phenomenon, its main reason is the mental fatigue. Excessive mental fatigue, is the life of the overdraft. Prevent and relieve mental fatigue from the following several aspects:


First, pay attention to the mix. Work to reasonable arrangement of time and priorities, to regular life, attaches great importance to the initiative rests, timely take up some sports, such as running, swimming, playing and walking, to enhance the vitality of the body, energy, and the human body in cope with the complex tedious work ability to adapt. Which avoids activities too single and monotonous, negative state of mind. At the same time, as far as possible ensure that seven to eight hours of sleep every day, and it have obvious effect to eliminate fatigue.


Second, to cultivate interest in the work I do. Of interest associated with the excitement of cerebral cortex, is interested in is engaged in the work not tired, and have no interest in engaging in work easy to fatigue. At work, if you find yourself on the job and some subjects are not interested in, also don’t have to nervous, worry and form thought burden. Should think of some way to efforts to cultivate their interests.


Third, we should have an objective and correct requirements. Everything must pay attention to a moderate, not too high to own request, impossible things don’t fight recklessly with no regard for the consequences, and force it on their own, should relax the pressure, to loosen, casually.


Fourth, to have a clear purpose. No matter what engaged in activities, must establish the goal of action, so as to motivate yourself constantly, in order to obtain the expected success.


Fifth, to create a harmonious interpersonal environment. Should be kind and good term with relatives and friends, colleagues, etc. Experience has shown that people live only in a harmonious and happy atmosphere, can have a happy state of mind, cheerful personality, psychosomatic health, is not easily get tired, even if it is easy to quickly eliminate fatigue.


Sixth, to hone the will. Strong-willed people not only can continue to stubbornly survive when the physical fatigue, but also in mental fatigue can overcome inertia, victory to complete own task, achieve the objective of action. At ordinary times, therefore, should start from the little things, to win without pride and lose with grace, indomitable perseverance.


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