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How to remove “past-holiday syndrome”

1.Appropriate exercise cope with anorexia nervosa

We always eat all day during festival celebration. Eating too much makes us easier feel full, which may cause anorexia nervosa. For those people who have anorexia nervosa, they can take some digestive pills or haw slices and have some lightmeals as much as possible. Then let intestines and stomach which is stuffed with meat and fish to have a rest. It also can be solved by other people’s timely enlightment, explanation and encouragement etc. Then the best way to restore our body and appetite is to join a sport which you like, such as walking, jogging, dancing or strenching or some other rapid heartbeat, sweat exercise.

2.Communication more often cope with play phobia

Environment changed during play. It is due to players are in strange, special or exciting situation and easier to produce extraordinary thriller and jitter, which cause a mental disorders of avoiding response. It is necessary to learn to communicate with others more often, explode the unhealthy psychology such as introversion coward, unconfident and strong dependence, etc. Then find out the problem and get other people’s persuasion. Finally, it will have a completely understanding of essence of things.

3.Imagining relaxing cope with the journey disease

The journey disease is an acute brief psychotic disorder during the journey. Its clinical features are consciousness disorders, clip loosed, hallucination or behavior disorders and these feeling may recur when get home. If we adopt a way of imagining relaxing,,it will have nice connected. We can find a quiet place, close our eyes and imagine ourselves sitting or lying in a beautiful place. Then we feel relaxed and the whole body is comfortable. At this time, you will feel your body energetic and refreshed and the symptom will gradually disappear if you accompanied by several deep breathing. If you want to take some psychiatric medicine, it will work in small doses.

We met a new busy week after a long holiday. I believe many people cannot adapt to it at once. As a matter of fact, “past-holiday syndrome” is a normal psychological state, which most modern urbanite exist. What we need to do is to do accommodation and health care well and it will regain the condition before holiday in a week.

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