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Holiday Depression Syndrome:Post-holiday syndrome

Post-holiday syndrome

Post-holiday syndrome is all kinds of physical performance of people after the big fake. For example, feeling tired after two or three days, lifting not spirit, low working efficiency of the work,  people even have unexplained nausea, dizziness, gut reactions,        anorexia, anxiety, neurasthenia and so on, urban white-collar clan of the main symptoms include the following aspects:

Holiday Depression Syndrome

Some people will appear these phenomenon like calm and insomnia, chest tightness, heart empty, lost, depressed  and so on because of suddenly from the festival of fun back .Popular to say, because people cannot learn to self adjusting to adapt to the original state of calm . For a few days vacation ends, many people may have the following one or two kinds of experience: vacation before the end of a night or two , thinking of holiday soon after I go to work, suddenly feel insecurity, or insomnia, thinking ,unable to sleep, mind still playback on holiday to gather with relatives and friends. After two or three days is always tired, lift not spirit , working efficiency is low; depression , loss, irritability , bad mood……Whenever holiday ,after the golden week, there are a lot of people because of the way of life during the festival with the usual difference is too big ,and do not pay attention to mental care and self-regulation and appear like “holiday syndrome” of psychological disorders.

  2. Holiday spirit decadent

Holiday spirit should be a relaxing holiday, many people have appeared groggy, symptom such as drowsiness, do not focus, it is “post-holiday syndrome” sub-health. Expert introduction, after a long holiday for a period of time, it is such a syndrome at the peak of the disease. Disrupting the circadian clock; Combined with eating disorders during the festival, many people still smoke wine, eat and drink too much ,cause nutritional inequalities. Overload operation of all the body organs, causing dysfunction, although have not reached the point of incidence, but already let the body uncomfortable. Long holiday is over, once back in the intense work environment, to physical and mental imbalance, appear all sorts of sub-health symptoms, also easy to induce a variety of diseases.

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