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Listening the sentimental songs in sad time will be more sad

A friend of mine who is often joins in the party told the reporter: in KTV, everyone says that they want to relax, surprisingly, the songs they ordered are most of sentimental song. Therefore, an associate professor in the Chinese musical academy named Gao  tian ,he didn’t feel strange at all. He said that the sentimental songs also have the effect to adjust people’s mental moods.

  In the time of being run off our feet, it’s unavoidable that people usually get flippant, maybe, we need enjoying more sadness.‘sad tune, their rhythm are more melodious,’ said Gaotian, and they are same as the popular songs that reporters mentioned, just like the babbling of flowing water washes our soul. Talking from this aspect, these flippant persons should listen to more sentimental songs. Gaotian pointed out that too spirited songs are rhythmic and sonorous, their rhythm are fast, when meet with flippant heart, like the gong run into drum. However the sad song is like a flute, it can resolve the great din of drums and pipes to a definite extent.

  A reporter asked: just like my friend said, everybody sings is to find pleasure and get relax, how did them like to order sentimental songs. Gaotian explained that, actually, in the treatment of music, using sentimental songs to reduce visitors’ pressure are not strange. According to an introduction, when people get stressed, their heartbeat quickened, someone’s brain even was blank, so the pressure produced. And sadness could be a deeper emotional experience, people are more likely to enter this state, to a certain extent, the original feelings of stress could be replaced, the pressure also went out with soothing rhythm of comfort. “of course, too sad songs ,like the death music once popular in the UK called <black on Sunday>is not appropriate ,” Gaotian added.

  People belong to the emotion , said gaotian, the people who are full of compassion and sentimental person are suitable for listening to sad songs, too. Because sentimental and wealthy are like rich types, they are need more to release their emotions and feelings. Sad songs expresses the brokenhearted of pain, sad life,can lead to a feeling of compassion,make them feel good emotions.

  Finally, Gaotian special reminded, many people think that the trauma such as encounter brokenhearted, listening to sad songs, allow yourself to cry had a ball are good ways, but this practice is not desirable. “Sad listening to sad songs can make you more sad.”

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