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the Mental Problem that Most Probably Appear in the New Generation

The followings will be the problems that we will talking about:

First: Being frustrated in love.

After age 80, by 2010, the largest 30, with a minimum of 20 years old. According to psychologist erikson’s theory of eight stages of life, 18 to 30 years old, comes at a time when love in practice stage in life, needs to solve the main contradiction is the contradiction between “close” and “loneliness”. That is to say, in this age, we must meet the love, stand the test of it and polish, and from his head a little world of a person, learn to stick up themselves and others by love – setbacks and mistakes, for love is this age will inevitably face. We are all learn something after lost, then we will become adults. When we say “break up”, no longer afraid of lost love, our love is getting there, I’m afraid.

Safety indicator: used to say break up after 80, anyway don’t love, just points. But many people don’t understand that love is also need to learn, to deal with sadness, sum up experience. Unless love frustrated you, that you will understand love. Since the question everyone want to go, please go a little bit bold.

Second:Can’t love anyone.

Love without getting it is sad, but no emotion, is really frustrating. After 80 because the only to be alone, producing a batch of “loveless syndrome”, the marriageable age, but still can’t fall in love with others. Don’t understand love also don’t love.No love, is often due to they’re beloved, never lost, natural don’t know how to fight for. After 80 the majority of people, as only children, never to share the love of parents with brothers and sisters, many needs are satisfied before they’re produced, so wouldn’t transposition to think about other people’s needs, so there would be no love.

Safety indicator: lovelorn often better than narcissism, at least can teach us how to love. Learn how to meet the needs of others first, and found the demand, is the first step in treating the “loveless syndrome”.

Third:Social phobia.

A part of the 80s, has been step into social, sense of superiority such as family protection, and “I’m the boss” are all gone. A lot of people have found that interpersonal question: “how can I let colleagues all like me?” “I accidentally let boss not great”, “no sense of belonging in the company”………… Introverts feel aloof, don’t talk to other people. Outgoing people feel enmity by other persons, there will be someone secretly strike – guessing other people’s heart, like is his own fault.

Security indicator: the social problems, and not the problem began after the 80s, our grandparents were met. Extroversion or introversion doesn’t block you from being a nice person, the key is how you give yourself a career orientation, social work activities are all with a purpose, find a good location, what to say what you like, do not need to care too much about others, just do yourself, is the way.

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