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What shall we do when we lose face in public

Everybody has the experiences of losing face in public more or less throughout the process of growing. However,if we buy that too much, bother about that, it will be a psychological shadow which is difficult to be wiped, and it can trigger mental problems. So, what shall we do when it comes to the point where we lose our face in public in reality?

First of all, let’s figure out why individuals are afraid of losing face. In essence, dislocations of social roles should be to blame for losing face in public. There are two forms of individual’s attribute, natural attribute and social attribute, the former likes hiccup and falling over, the later means everybody needs to play different roles at the social stage according to specific situations. But, owing to careless, false judgments and so on, individual’s social role dislocates sometimes, and may play a unmatched social role with the situation or show his or her natural attribute at the situation where there should be social attribute, all of these can arouse comedic effects.

Being afraid of losing faces is caused by being afraid of failure. For the parties, how much they feel embarrassed is equal with how much others think it is ridiculous. Quoting a friend who is a teacher, it is like a man in the focus of thousands of spotlights, but naked, has no way escape and no way die. Actually, why does losing face in public let people feel anxious is that dislocation of social role leads to the failure of role, this condition may let he or she loses his or her place in social stage, for example, the friend which we talked was hard to set up teacher’s majesty any more from that moment on.      

In corresponds, many people can not deny the happy feelings when they saw others lose face in public. Psychological research reveals that other’s unlucky can improve dignity of ourselves, makes our lucky stand out, other’s awkward can foil our abilities’ superiority. Especially when the immoral lives of those who in a high rack are founded, people’s confidence of their social roles will boom by many times.

    Confronting the same experiences of losing face, somebody laughs it off, but those who are allergic or have a high expect for their social roles will be bothered by these, what is worse, they will even recall those things continuously, keep away from similar situations, or some psychological problems like that. Therefore, learning some tricks which can help you out is very necessary.

 Smooth your mood. Anxiety can make people feel like a coward and become more likely to make mistakes, however, in communications, your calm will make those who witness your losing face think this thing is not serious as well.

 Leave is best idea. Audience will empty, given that the leading actor is gone.

Pull the two roles closer. A charming lady falls over, this accident includes quiet charming role of social attribute, and role of natural attribute of suffering accident as well. At this moment, we can pull the two roles closer, for example, remind yourself that any body can fall over, and my posture is quite charming.

Laugh at yourself. Frued said that, those who are the most humorous are those who are fittest. Stand on your feet after falling over and ask the witness: does my ass break into two? This may turn your loss to profit for your impression.

Follow the trend. If you call “general manager” by “prime minister” by mistake, you can express your same respects for the two.

Actually, losing face is not always bad thing. Psychological research shows that those who have some small defects seem more sincerely and believable than those who are perfect.

Therefore, once you lose face in public, at first, you should have a correct attitude towards that, it will fade away. Then, if it is necessary, use the above-mentioned methods to adjust yourself, and it will end the embarrass of losing face in public.

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