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How to change a others’ stubborn thought

The bigotry or stubborn effects on people was depended on the individual definition. If your stubborn was right, then its positive impact will be larger. Sometimes, success and stubborn just one step away. But, if you put this to cure your thinking, you will be stopping moving advance, cannot innovate. If because of the ego to protect from the stubborn, it will make you cannot objectively recognize things, but just avoid blindly. For the negative impact, if you clear advantages and disadvantages, this negative impact will ease. But, if you avoid blindly, inferiority or lack of communication with others, the negative impact will build up. 

How to change the bigotry or stubborn. In the cognitive process , you should get a clear understanding of  the  reality and assumptions、subjective and objective. She points out that  when anything crops up ,you should  keep  rational; Remind yourself that emotions will make your  cognitive biases; For anything just thing not people. Don’t connect the things with people. Don’t bring the prejudice to the cognition.

Of course, there are many reasons leading to bigotry or stubborn: Thinking formulary is coming first, the used way to know the habit of things may effect the way to cognitive things later, but not change with things. This performance as people’s stubborn. In the second place, some stubborn was due to the protection of the mind. Sometimes, people was known the objective things, but just because of  the ego defense mechanism make them insist their opinion. This is what we said when you try to persuade someone, using the right words. If you don’t use the right words, you two will argue for words, but not for the thing itself. Next, some stubborn was caused by cognitive dissonance. For example, a girl has coursed in a loving hoax deeply. Others can see at a glance that the man was cheating on her, but she is believed that the man loves her. This was another stubborn.

As for the cognitive dissonance in bigotry or stubborn. There are three ways to adjust: One is to change or negative cognitive factor; the second is the two cognitive factors to adjust; the third is to add a factor that can alleviate the pain. If bigotry was very serious, you should go to see the psychological consultant.

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