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Friendly operation  Famous American psychiatrist Les F Williams, the study found women easy to anger and jealousy than composed and calm personality, trust other people of woman’s death 4 times more likely to, hence the derivation was not kind to fellow women are more likely to be the conclusion of dying early. This is because, friendly attitude can make the human body nervous system excitement level is in the best condition, can promote the body secrete some beneficial hormones, such as the material can keep the flow of blood and nerve cells excited to adjust to the best state, thereby improving the body’s ability to control disease. And not friendly women often complain, often burning anger, and other stress hormones that cause renal gland element mass release, shrink blood vessels, heart beat faster, muscles tight, lead to bad feelings intensified, causing a vicious cycle of psychological and behavior. To promote friendly philosophy, therefore, is the modern white-collar… particularly want to pay attention to.

Wide minds Through creating a favorable yourself comfortable working and living environment, to keep the mood state, in order to achieve the purpose of the health and longevity. If a person’s value dislocation, fame and fortune extinction, narrow-minded and shortsighted, are depressed all day long, dark, dull and boring life, see society is dark and dirty, over time, this person will be lost to the life aesthetics, the in the mind will be full of darkness, hatred, jealousy and resentment. Such people, wherever they go, its not possible life atmosphere harmonious and loose. Therefore, white-collar women to do a woman who has the correct values, you should have good psychological quality, achieve the breadth of mind open-minded, weak in the fame and fortune, to the people around in abundance. No crisis, less wrong, atmosphere will always be around her life is harmonious and loose.

Quit from surgery Quit from indolence is a bad way of life. White-collar beauty escape control lies in diligence, much of it is important to overcome the negative emotions, depression, the mediocre. Should according to their own conditions, learns a second art, arrange some daily chores and physical training, to improve his health.

Professional operation  Professional art experts believe that professional is one of the symbols of the psychological health of white-collar women. On the work embodied in the following four aspects: (1) willing to work, and can derive satisfaction from their work; (2) to establish a harmonious relationship with others in a work, and willing to communicate with people, to the person’s attitude is positive more than negative attitude; (3) to have appropriate knowledge of the work, and the optimistic positive, willing to efforts to explore the mental and physical intellectual potential, for not save filling defects can also accept not too inferiority; (4) to the question in the job, can use the effective method to solve.

The serene technique serene white-collar women physiology phenomenon, performance in daily life, most white-collar beauty than white-collar men broad-minded, and suspicious of compassion, depressed is not comfortable, irritability, summed up in one word, is the lack of peace. Especially and menopause before he left the office lady, performance is more outstanding. These abnormal changes mind is life, but if not strengthen their self-cultivation, will constitute the influence to the health of white-collar women, led to the happening of the disease. Accordingly, its keeping in good health method, the main is stable mood, maintain ideological purity, not greed ask amiss, spirit keep instead of dissipation, in this way, diseases that have no way to come. In addition, to make the best of status, don’t envy people of higher status, no jealousy and pride, it is suitable for art.

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