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The other form of depression, known as bipolar (or manic) depression, will now bediscussed. This is where the person has manic episodes as well as those of severedepression; so the person can go through a range of moods from severe depressionto extreme elation.

The mood of a person in a manic state will be euphoric and elevated, howeverthe most likely mood is one of irritability and the person may manifest this whentheir unrealistic plans are thwarted.

The thoughts that a person in this condition has are mood appropriate, that isthey are exiting and grandiose. The person does not appreciate any limits to theirability and will seem oblivious to the consequences of their actions. One personwho had inherited quite a lot of money spent the lot on hiring helicopters to fly herover the Scottish lochs. We may say that she was entitled to do what she wantedwith her own money, but it did not stop there, and the person went into severe debt.The person in this state may have ideas running through their mind faster than theycan write them down or even express them verbally. They may have strange ideasthat they have a special purpose or mission or may even be a messenger of God.Manic behaviour is hyperactive; this means that the person will engage in activitiesat a breakneck speed. This behaviour can be ill judged, such as unsafe casualsexual activity or behaviour that can put their employment in jeopardy, such asnot turning up for work or neglecting their tasks. The activities of a person in thiscondition can be intrusive and demanding and the ordinary, everyday etiquette ofsocial interaction will seem to be forgotten by the person. Their behaviour can bequite coarse, such as using profanities or exposing themselves. Spending any timewith people in this condition can be quite tiring.

Physically, this will all be quite exhausting for the person thus affected, after afew days, their physical exhaustion will slow them down. They may become lessactive, dehydrated and undernourished. Treatment will be addressed after the causeof depression has been discussed.


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