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It is difficult to keep a secret and why

In our daily life,people often says to you: “this is a secret, don’t talk to anybody in the wrong time”, “understand what I mean, don’t say to any person!” “Now I want to tell you the things which you can not play out”. At the same time, it is likely, he has put these words with a lot of people said, the so-called “secret” already became “known as the secret”.

Why is this happening?

First, if you know some secret, others will think you are great. You may feel that many hearsay and some other people’s privacy is a worth showing pride.

Second, in a person’s mind will feel depressed secret. Most people have this problem. The more you want him to keep a secret, the more he wanted to say. “Secret” and “tell the people” is actually the same language. If you really want to keep it secret, don’t talk to others.

In medicine, the treatment of mental illness has taken emotional purification method. The so-called “purification” is to enable patients to all the trouble and not security department to pour out, so as to achieve a peaceful feelings. Significant effect of this method to keep the general people’s mental health. Live in the realistic society, every day we will meet some boring unhappy things, it will cause great mental pressure to you. If the pressure of excess words, people will not be able to maintain psychological balance, which is bound to affect the physical and mental health, even lead to mental disorders.

Have words to say to listen to others complain of course not happy thing. So, you should try to have a tacit understanding with others. So, when you complain, they can patiently listen to you vent. If can’t find out the object, it’s best to sleep diary method. If you write diary is too much trouble, you simply alone in facing the wall, say what you want to say, vent enough.

Even a little trouble don’t put in the heart. If you do not put it out, it would gradually accumulate, and caused outbreak last.

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