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Less sensitive to life more happiness

Women often define the sensitive proudly into the mystery of the sixth sense, but when sensitivity is a kind of morbid, lethality than pollen allergy more serious. Women are sensitive, in fact is more easily than men unhappy reason.

Tragedies have a strong sense of coincidence, there are incredible replication, more because you even think it over and over again.

In life we often encounter some suspicion heavy people, they always feel to speak ill of others behind their, or fail to myself. Suspicion of the person you like, will give special attention to the attitude of others to oneself, others blurt out a sentence is likely to allow them to formulate a few days, to explore the hidden messages. It cannot easily and naturally with people, as time passes not only suppress his bad mood, also affect the interpersonal relationship.

A person who is suspicion is too sensitive. Sensitive is not necessarily the fault, sensitive people are wise, intelligent, creative. But is too sensitive, especially between the person and the person is too sensitive, it will hurt others and themselves, are sure to need to adjust and control, there are several corresponding methods.

Self-talk method

It’s a exert a positive impact on their own, so as to adjust the mood, situation, and strengthen the self-consciousness of method. When found some “questionable” behavior, others should suggest myself to calm, should be a comprehensive analysis and understanding, don’t blind to think about.

The wisest man often seems stupid method

Confused on some details of life need not haggle over every ounce, some, so that you can avoid your troubles.

Open method

Not be misunderstood people in the world is not, the key is to eliminate misunderstanding, as soon as possible if misunderstanding cannot remove as soon as possible, will evolve into suspicion; Suspicion is not lifted, in time may lead to misfortune. So if possible, it is better to “suspect” object openly communicate with you and talk, get to the bottom, remove misunderstanding, remove unnecessary suspicion.

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