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A sense of humour makes you more confident

A young man, a view that brand-new motorcycle was the remains of the collision, one facing the people around said: \”well, I’ve always said, one day can have a motorcycle. Now I really have a car, and there’s really only one day\”. The people around laughing. For the young people, the car was hit has been inevitable, but he did not look very heavy, but use humor mental strength, alleviate their pain and unhappiness, and brought the bystanders to a joy.

Humor often bring people joy, its characteristic self-mockery, main show is witty, fun, funny, etc. Indeed, humor helps eliminate hostility, alleviate the friction, prevent conflict upgrade, others think that humor can also stimulate morale, improve production efficiency. A company based in the American state of Colorado through investigation confirmed that humor participated in the training of middle managers, in 9 months production increased by 15%, while the number of sick days cut in half. Test has proved that the ponderous, and have a sense of humor, there are differences in the following several aspects to which it is a sense of humor psychological regulating function and role.

(1) intelligence quotient (IQ) confirmed by psychological tests many times, a sense of humor test scores high, often also higher IQ test scores, and the lack of a sense of humor its test mediocre, some even obvious lack of resilience.

(2) the relationships people with a sense of humor, has a good popularity in our daily life, he can shorten the interpersonal distance in a short time, win the favor and trust. And the lack of a sense of humor person, will be affected to some extent, also can make your image in the eyes of others.

(3) the work performance is good at using humor skills in work, always can keep a good state of mind. According to statistics, the achievement of the work, all is not the most hard-working people, but good at understanding other people and those who have a sense of humor.

(4) treat difficult performance of humor can make people behave more optimistic, magnanimous in face of difficulty. So, who has a sense of humor even in the face of difficulties will be at ease, use humor to eliminate tension and anxiety caused by the work of And the lack of a sense of humor, can only silently bear the pain, and even hard to relief, it definitely add up their psychological burden.

To master the basic skills of humor. It is necessary to \”you own a vision\”, namely self-mockery, make fun of yourself; 2 it is to play to the imagination, the two different things or ideas coherent rise, to produce unexpected effect; Three is to improve the language expression ability, pay attention to collocation and combination with body language.

Humor is power. If the master humor skills step by step in a relationship, can skillfully deal with various awkward situation, adjust life well, or even change your life, make life full of joy.

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