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Color can disturb people’s sense of time

Please do an experiment between two people, one of them into the pink wallpaper, deep red carpet of the red room, let the other person into the blue, blue blue room carpet wallpaper. Don’t give them any timer and let them by feeling out of the room after one hour. As a result, in the red room in people over 40 ~ 50 minutes later he came out, and the man in the blue room is not yet in 70 ~ 80 minutes. Someone said, this is because the red room, let a person feel uncomfortable, so feel very long time. Do have the reason, but it doesn’t have to be. The main reason is the color of people’s sense of time will be around it.

This phenomenon is very common in our daily life, lighting is one example. Under the fluorescent lights of bluish white, people will feel time passed quickly, but under the warmth of the incandescent light bulb, you will feel time passed very slowly. Therefore, because of the need for work if it’s purely, the best under the fluorescent lights. Incandescent light bulbs can make the person feel time long, prone to boredom. On the other hand, is more suitable for use in the bedroom feels warm lighting equipment such as incandescent lamp, this will create a belong to their own leisure space.

Fast food is not suitable for such people

Many fast food restaurant impressed we usually seat, the efficiency is very high, the customer go eat, don’t stop for a long time. Some people like to meet friends around in a fast food restaurant, but fast food is not for waiting. This is because many fast food restaurant decoration is given priority to with orange or red, although these two colors make people happy, excited and stomachic effect, but also can make the person feels a long time. If in such an environment medium person, will be more and more agitated. Is suitable for dating, and others should be the tonal slant cold coffee shops.

Using color psychology to create an ideal environment for company meeting

In modern society, all staff have a lingering worry, that’s a long time meeting. More than two hours of meeting, who will feel bored. However, the company is an essential procedure the meeting. I suggest that the company’s meeting room to blue the best tone for indoor decoration, such as using the curtain of blue, blue, blue chair meeting minute book see blue things, can let a person feel time passed quickly, resulting in a hurry and will be meeting for the concept of force.

In addition, because blue and make people relaxed. In the relaxed environment for the meeting, people were also more likely to generate creative ideas and constructive Suggestions are put forward. In environmental psychology, therefore, also recommends using blue decoration conference rooms, not only can make a long meeting becomes compact, and the meeting content will be more fulfilling, discussion is more efficient.

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