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How to reduce stress:Talk about ways to reduce stress

How to reduce stress and how to alleviate psychological pressure,complex and changing the face of the outside world,Reduce stress,restore mental balance is more important。Here are some very effective ways to reduce stress methods:

Reduce stress method IFood vacuum

  A recent medical study finds,certain foods can be very effective in reducing pressure. Such as fish oil with DHA,salmon, white tuna, bluefin tuna mackerel is the main source of.

  In addition,Selenium can effectively reduce pressure,tuna and garlic is rich in selenium. Vitamins B2, B5 and B6 in the b family relief is a good helper,eat more grains could be supplemented.

Reduce stress method IIViolent decompression

“Take a small ball, you secretly pinch themselves when you are depressed”. United States specifically for male white-collar workers out of service site.

  Carry a small rubber ball or tennis, nothing else,experiencing too much pressure just to express surprise squeeze , pinch it themselves,clearly stunned colleagues than pinched necks, we tore hysterically under paper, thumping the table better.

Reduce stress method IIIWriting decompression

  “Write to trouble.”United States Association for psychological decompression more respected this way,what does writing content?Your pressure experience,Everything on your physical and mental troubles.

  Writing is an effect way of decompression ,as long as a pen and paper can be implemented wherever you are.

Reduce stress method IVSleep relief

  Have a strong energy, to resist the pressure of invasion,sleep is an important guarantee. United States Institute of psychological experts the following unique tips.

  If the ambient noise make it hard for you to sleep,to created some “white noise” by yourself ,such as TV drive straight down,cover the annoying noise.

   When you’re trying to alleviate the psychological pressure of above methods,you wil restore mental balance,have a relaxed state of mind.

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