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schizophrenia affect (mood)

schizophrenia MOOD (AFFECT)
The person with schizophrenia may demonstrate what is known as ‘incongruity of affect (mood)’; this means that their response to certain conversations or situations would be inappropriate. For example, when they are informed that their dog has died they may laugh aloud, showing a lack of sensitivity. The health care professional may also observe a ‘blunted affect’, which means that although they state they feel happy this is not demonstrated by smiling or laughter, but instead they appear very stilted. This should not be confused with ‘anhedonia’. This is defined as an inability to experience pleasure, particularly in activities that were previously enjoyed.

Therefore, the world can appear a very frightening and depressing
place for the person with schizophrenia as they have difficulties interacting with others and may have little or no enjoyment in their lives.

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