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Examples of Schizophrenic Behavior

Behaviour of schizophrenia

The person with schizophrenia may exhibit bizarre behaviour .They may present as hyperactive and unpredictable. Bizarre behaviour may consistof the repetition of certain gestures or postures, such as skipping or standing facinga wall. Some people with schizophrenia will copy other people’s behaviours, whichis known as ‘echopraxia’, or copy their speech which is known as ‘echolalia’.Negative signs include a lack of motivation, self-neglect and decreased activity; aperson may lie in bed all day and not get up even to attend to personal hygiene.

 Brian thought he had invented an ideal structure to eradicate stress for ever.It was a good invention. It comprised a mini-Stonehenge and some paper.You place all your thoughts in code on pieces of paper, then tear them into smaller pieces. Then you ‘place them into the centre of the model and burnthem slowly; it would help to clear your mind’. He wrote to solicitors to patent his ideas, before someone else would get their hands on them. He believed it would help many people deal with their stress and thought he could become quite wealthy if his invention took off.

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