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How to commend the students

How to commend the students is a sociability. As a teacher ,how to do it?

Everyone wants to get recept, and everyone also commend others. Praise is the motivation and confidence. It can adjust the relationship between each other. The students need more praise from the teacher at school. Somebody has done s statistics, we can discover that the children who often get praise were more confident and cheerful than those got criticism. Praise is a effective way which the teacher usually do. Because it can caltivate the good habits and eradicate the bad. commending the students is easy to, but it’s difficult to providential use because of the students who have different questions. If we want to make praise play a better utility, we should pay attention to the following points. 

(1)  Sincere praise:  sincerity is the premise of the praise because the praise is from the heart. At school, we can say “no love, no education”. Loving pupils is not only the moral requirement, but it relates to the success of the education. The teacher should be enthusistic and hopeful to different students. And don’t favour any of pupils.

(2)  Find shining pointing and enrich the contrnt of the praise: everyone has virtues and defects. Someone has laudable point even if he is a poor student. However, school record is the sole criterion mostly. But the criterion should be diversified. Then the content of the praise will be more rich and the more children can be cheerful.

(3)  Praise specifically and timely: the teacher should give the praise immediately. If it was late, the effect of the praise would be weaken. It called Timely Reinforcement in the Behaviorism Theory. For example, there is a student who hardly talking raises his hand, his teacher should say”you are so brave today, I hope you can still do it tomorrow”. Then this child will continue keeping it and extend to other things.Praise timely can satisfy the childrens’ spiritual needs. It is a possibility that they have good behavior in this case.

(4)  Praise the students in the different situations and ways: there is a dual aspect theory that some students at school is better than home. If the teacher takes a family visit, and gives praise to the child who loving labor when his parents at persent. The child must be cheerful and a little embarrassed. It is good for forming good habit. Commending the students can combine the face to face and borrow others’ month. Commending face to face is a great way for junior. But for the older children, praise of borrowing others’ month is better such as parents or good friengs. Because it is more effective.               


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