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How to choose career

How to choose their career, this is the problem of students pay special attention.University graduates career choice and unit must consider the following factors:

    First, it must be professional and career apart. Any professional can achieve success, this is the saying goes “36 is good to have a master”. If that only get so-and-so vocational or work unit to career success, it can only be bound their careers behavior, reduce the success rate of employment.

    Second, must take the nature of the unit, the unit’s fame, unit welfare and personal future separate. Many college graduates want to choose a future good units, so, always around the unit is universal or collective and individual, unit popularity size how to, unit welfare measures how to whirl about problems. In fact, personal future decision should be unit vitality or survival ability, speaking of the enterprise, is the enterprise’s ability to develop. A has the ability to develop the enterprise, its product will constantly, marketable, and can build market, has the broad prospect, personal goes with a future.

Third, must take unit in the future of regional and individual apart. Some university graduates emulatively leave big cities, emulatively to economic zone, thought this will for their own development, bring you future. Cities in each unit is not all good, small and medium-sized cities and even in rural areas are not without good unit. Special economic zones not everyone can succeed, theMidwestare not backward in every field.China’s well-known enterprise “ChangHong” would not be in big cities, our big automobile manufacturer “2” would not be in special economic zones. Personal future can only rely on themselves to strive, depend on oneself to fight for, Otherwise, even if leave big cities, or to the special economic zones, may also “laid off”, also can accomplish nothing.


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