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How the Hysteria Was Cured

Since it seemed evident from an analysis of this case, that the hysterical condition was due to certain dissociated emotional experiences, it ought to be possible to cure a case of this kind  by synthetizing or uniting these dissociated experiences with  the  normal  waking consciousness. In other words, the hysterical mischief would stop if the split mind were made whole again, thus depriving the split-off experiences from any further independent activity. In hypnosis it was suggested to the patient that on awakening a complete memory of the dissociated experiences would persist.

This was finally successfully accomplished, the treatment through synthesis covering a period of several weeks. The patient then remembered all the details of the two experiences, and in addition, the loss of sensation disappeared, the visual field became normal, and no further attacks of twitching took place. Furthermore, as previously indicated, the time for association of words having an emotional meaning became normal and no further increase of the pulse rate took place when these same test words were used.

Any further narration of the emotional experiences, either in the waking state or in hypnosis, was unaccompanied by the emotional reaction previously described.

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