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What is phobia and most common type of phobia

A phobia can be defined as ‘a pathologically strong fear of a particular event orthing’. In relation to phobias, the person experiences extremes offear, but sometimes there are no specific reasons for this. The behaviour of theperson is usually out of proportion to the stimulus that causes the anxiety. Theperson focuses on the situation and genuinely believes that they are going to cometo some harm. Attempts at reassuring the person can be difficult. This can affectthe person so much that they tend to completely avoid the situation or stimuluswhich provokes these feelings within them. It is also claimed that avoidance ofthe situation could be a part of the problem when coming to terms or effectivelydealing with the phobia.

There is most common type of phobia as follow:

1. specific phobia

2. social phobia

3. agoraphobia.

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