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What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is based on the healing properties of essential plant oils. These natural oils are diluted in a carrier oil. Essential oils have been defined as ‘non-oily, highly fragrant essences extracted from plants by distillation’ which evaporate readily and have been used by doctors in France for their antibiotic and antiviral properties for many years. They are most commonly used in oil burners, in bath water, or massaged into the skin, thus the aroma of the essential oil evaporates and stimulates the olfactory sense. An aromatherapy massage is based on massage techniques, which aim to relieve tension in the body and improve circulation.

This, practitioners believe, allows oil molecules absorbed into the blood stream during massage to pass efficiently through the body to the nervous system. Benefits of the aroma may also be obtained when oils are inhaled both directly and during the massage treatment bringing about a general feeling of well-being in an individual.

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