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The person who is confused or agitated

People who are confused or agitated are not fully aware of their surroundings. They do not make sense and cannot make sense of what you are saying. Confusion is also called delirium. The

main features of a person who is confused are:

she is not as aware of her surroundings as you would expect her to be;

she is not able to remember things that happened recently;

she does not know what day it is, or where she is;

she does not sleep properly at night and may be drowsy in the day;

she may be uncooperative or fearful;

she may suffer hallucinations and be suspicious;

she may be restless and aggressive.

Being confused is not the same as being muddled in thinking or talking about irrelevant matters. When people are muddled or irrelevant, they are still aware of what is going on around them. However, sometimes it is difficult to make this distinction. Careful questioning and observation are the key to recognising a state of confusion.

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