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Steven is a 19-year-old student who was having increasing difficulty continuing with his degree. He had a lifelong history of shyness. However, this never effected his day-to-day functioning and although slightly anxious in situations, never panicked. His problems began when he started his degree course and had to move away from home. Within two weeks of starting university he dropped his tray carrying his dinner in the university dining room and there was a big cheer and some people laughed. He felt very embarrassed and ever since feared a further episode. Soon his fear began to affect other areas, and within two months he was unable to eat or drink in public or sign anything in case his hands shook, and was petrified whenever he had to enter situations where there were large crowds (including giving classroom presentations). He began to avoid these activities and quite soon after began drinking increasing amounts of alcohol to help him to face day-to-day situations. Within four months, he could rarely leave the house without first having had alcohol and began to secretly carry alcohol with him throughout the day.

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