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Self-induced weight loss

Anorexia nervosa usually begins after starting a diet, possibly with a group offriends. However, whereas the friends stop dieting, the personwith anorexia nervosa continues to diet, eating fewer and fewer calories and usinga range of techniques to lose weight. Therefore, they avoid fattening foods such assweets, biscuits, cakes and crisps, which contain predominantly carbohydrates and fats. Gradually, they reduce the intake of all foods, even fluids. So they may only eathalf a carrot a day and drink water. After eating, they may make themselves vomitto avoid gaining weight or may use purgatives (laxatives or diuretics) to eliminatethe foods and fluids from their body.

The person with anorexia nervosa will alsoexercise excessively, especially after eating. This may mean several visits to thegym each day or jogging everywhere they go. Appetite suppressantsmay be obtained from private diet clinics or they may take amphetamines tosuppress their appetite and to give them greater energy to exercise more frequently.Therefore, it can be observed that some individuals will take drastic actions to loseweight. They will decide how much weight they aim to lose each day and set stricttargets, which they will endeavour to attain. So they may weigh themselves severaltimes a day.

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