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The person with anorexia nervosa will present as very thin; they can be as low inweight as 30 kg (approximately 5 st). However, their weight is usually concealed bylayers of clothes or baggy oversized clothes. They may also wear several layers ofclothes as they feel cold constantly and can suffer from hypothermia (abnormally low body temperature). The skin will appear dry and they may have hair loss buttheir body may be covered with a layer of fine downy hair known as lanugo hair.

The BMI is a measurement that calculates whether a person is the correct weightfor their height, and this will be recorded when a person is seen by a nurse ordoctor. The BMI is calculated by dividing the patient’s weight (in kilograms – kg)by their height in metres squared _m2_. A normal BMI score is 20–25 _kgm2_;someone who is underweight would have a score of 17.5–20 _kgm2_ and a personwith anorexia nervosa would have a BMI score of below 17.5 (kgm2).

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