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Psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapies

These aim to use a briefer, more focused form of psychoanalysis which hopefully deals with the presenting problem (the problem which causes the client to seek help) more quickly than classical psychoanalysis. Nowadays, this type of therapy is far more common than psychoanalysis and is available on the NHS, (for example, Strupp (1993) used a timelimited therapy which takes 25–30 sessions to complete).

The analyst is more directive in focusing on areas directly relevant to a specific problem faced by the patient, and transference is not encouraged to develop. Current life and relationships will also be explored to a greater extent than in classical psychoanalysis. Many of these approaches are utilised by ego analysts such as Erik Erikson, who regard the ego as the key personality structure and aim to develop its potential to be constructive and creative in the course of therapy.

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