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How to transcend oneself

Transcending oneself is life’s lofty realm. Only beyond the self, can we clear our minds and calm thinking; and only this, can we find the true value of life. As a celebrity said: Every key moment of the life, every choice we made,in fact, that is a process in which if we can challenge ourselves or if we can go beyond ourselves. To go beyond ourselves, don’t just stay in the oral or the idea of the future but true action in the current life. First, recognize the reality and treat ourselves truly. Reality, after all is different from the dream, inevitably has shortcomings and defects. We have to face up to reality, to recognize the reality, Don’t turn your back to your disadvantages and shortcomings, really to treat ourselves truly, it’s mean don’t cover up our own advantages and achievements ,or exaggerate our strengths and improvement, this is a form of going beyond ourselves. Because exaggeration, expansion, or show off easily to cause too much confidence and self-esteem. Too much confidence can also lead to conceited and arrogant; and excessive self-esteem can lead to false, artificial, put on AIRS. At the same time, Individual must have proper pride and self-confidence. Appropriate self-confidence is a kind of necessary psychological quality to grow up. If a man can’t see their actual strength, May improperly belittle themselves, or false pride. Therefore, if college students want to go beyond ourselves, First of all ,we must be treat ourselves truly under the base of proper confidence and self-esteem. Second, set up the correct outlook on life If college students want to go beyond ourselves, we must set up the correct life purpose and life criterion. College students should have their own independent personality and correct values. Otherwise you will blindly bandwagon with others, thus seeing beyond others as their goals, and caused a series of self-denial, self expansion problems. In the meantime, college students should not fear to practice, do it now. Certainly, we should design goals and determine measures before we do things, but plans are not equal to the actual action. If there is no courage to practice, we will discuss infinitely in front of opportunities, and disturbed by numerous “impossible”. In fact,, As long as take the first step bravely, which is a self transcendence. Third, establish proper aspiration level Students often can not face themselves, can’t reduce their own aspiration level, actually, some of the frustrations are caused by our impractical achievements. Psychologists suggest, the most proper aspiration level, Should be choose both modest grasp, and moderate Adventure goal, If we do not consider the grasp, adventure blindly, we will often obtain frustrations, which both waste our power and get possessive impact on our mental. If just play safe, not willing to take a little risk, It will make us miss many development opportunities, and make ourselves wander in the original level. In addition, proper aspiration level, can also avoid college students to compare with others blindly, and make their lives all day long in nervous state, have too much pressure.

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