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How to raise children courage

 The child timid, there are a variety of reasons, how to develop the child’s courage?

 Cause children timid, many reasons, parents only find a reason, to suit the remedy to the case. The possible reasons are as follows:

 1, congenital factors. Parents introverted, not with people, children genetic their characteristics. Parents should understand their children’s personality, allow children to have a gradually adapt to the process, at the same time try to give more care and love children, encourage the child to interact with others. Mom and dad to do an example of the children, do not in front of his children show timid emotions.

 2, environmental factors. Now most people live in commodity house, a family in a closed environment make the child lack of associates with the companion in the living space, causing the child loneliness, timid character.

 3, improper education. When a child crying, parents often use “ghost”, “the devil” to frighten children; Also some parents when children want to go out to play, they use “outside a cheater, will take you cheated” discourse to dispel the idea of the child, the child’s heart shading; The children have to expect too much, once the child do wrong, light is scolding heavy then beat and scold, make the child because be afraid of, fail and back. Some children timid, lack of the brave spirit, a very important reason is the parents to their children too much attention, and even indulgence and share all personal and deprived children chance to try.

4, personal experience. When a child with confidence in parents’ performance before, was not praise but laugh at, sarcasm, which makes children lose heart; Or when children played a needle, keenly felt pain made him the next to the hospital will be afraid…

 Find the reasons, then we will pay attention to education method. For parents and children education at ordinary times in addition to more carefully, and be patient. When a child crying, want to have positive education, can’t scare the children. Can’t leave the children as “adult”, can’t use high standard to request him to do force place can not and matter. Parents should stay with their children as much as possible, to play with him, inspired him to play new pattern. If parents had something can’t accompany children to play, can be in pay attention to safety, under the precondition of provisions where he play and play long time. It is important to note that, when parents to prevent children go out to play, do not use terrible story to scare the children. When a child after coming home, can let he tells the process of play, and then to the child’s behavior to make evaluation, praise more less criticism, such already train children courage, but also develop the child’s oral communication ability. If the condition allows, can also be appropriate to let their children to help buy some pieces of things, or to go to another house to borrow things, but also develop children brave spirit of good method.

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