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How to Develop The Children’s Confession Psychological

If the children make mistakes ,but have no confession psychological ,it may bad for their growth .So ,what we can do to develop their confession psychological?

Parents can use suggested ,role models ,encourage and edify method to train their children’s confession psychological.

Suggested :

When children appeared slight negligence ,parents do not be eager to reprimand ,more do not to show dissatisfaction ,can prompt him ,”think about it’s right to do?” Hinted that he have done something wrong .If they don’t understand the reason ,you must kindly tell why they do wrong .So ,if the child make the same fault ,with the hint ,he would be in regret .At this time ,parents should not blame them .On the contrary ,chatter will make them upset ,go against the cultivation of psychological confession .

Model Law :

When parents do something wrong ,as long as children know ,understand ,you should say regret in front of the kids ,like “I really shouldn’t do that’ ,”I’m sorry” ,”What a pity” ,etc .Parents can also make an apology to each other and request understanding in front of the children .The purpose is to let children learn from parents and know they should repent for their fault .Familiar ,when parents break the bowl or spill the soup but just say “Oh—hating” ,it will make a bad influence with the kid .

Edify Method:

This method on the basis of the requirements in the mood to create a suitable environment ,through the subtle influence ,make the child realize confession is a brave and upright valuable quality .The way is often tell children some cases or story ,set up image with confession quality of children for them .This kind of silent influence ,such as in a gentle and mild way ,drops into the heart .

Develop the child’s confession psychological should be careful ,especially to respect them ,keep the determination of self-recognition and self-confession and the pure heart that dare to telling truth .Respect your kid is not easy to do ,for thousands of years of the formation of the feudal ethics influence, parents’ dignity, authority, often driven adults laugh at, accused even insult when the child does something wrong .Especially when the child makes a mistake because of out of curiosity or ignorance ,parents’ peremptory often hurt the children’s desire to search for new things , cause the child psychological deformity development, this is worth alert .

Encourage Method:

When a kid regret for his mistake ,parents should praise him for the courage to admit mistake ,encourage him to correct errors .The encouragement and comfort can make the child psychological satisfaction, strengthen his determination to correct his mistakes. Especially when children feel remorse as telling their own faults ,parents should forgive them .Understanding itself is the best encouragement for children to correct the wrong ,make the children get psychological balance and emotional satisfaction. On the contrary, parents’ anger often contusion children ‘s courage of confession .The child’s lying and scriptures often start from here.

 Parents can combine the above several methods, properly develop the child’s psychological confession .

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