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Family life during the depression

arental or family sources of depression

Some people have been seriously depressed for most of their lives. Sometimes this can be traced back to the early loss of a parent, or a family disaster, or it can be traced to the fact that their main caregiving parent(s) were themselves seriously depressed, so they “learnt” to be this way, or they were not given (their parent could not give) the right sort of emotional care and attention that they needed as a child, which can also cause depression. This type of “learnt” depression can best be treated with long-term psychotherapy. Sometimes medication can initially ameliorate the effects of such a depression. Additionally, there is some evidence that bipolar depression can run in families and therefore this (fairly extreme) type of depression has a genetic predisposition. Some people thus have bipolar depression as an inherited potential—which does not mean to say that they will inevitably have this type of depression. Amilder form of this is sometimes called cyclothymia.

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