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‘Cognitive behavioural therapy’ (or CBT) is a method of treatment that is oftenused in the treatment of severe anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.CBT is defined as:any mode or therapy that attempts to change client’s thinking, behaviours and affectthrough the use of pragmatic implementation of sound evidence (Rogers & Gournay2002).CBT relates to the patient’s perception of the events that cause upset. The beliefbehind CBT is that it endeavours to improve the person’s response to the anxietyprovokingsituation by exploring the person’s thoughts and feelings about thesituation. It is used to explore problems in great depth to uncover any issues inorder to deal with them appropriately.

The aim of CBT is to reinforce acceptable reactionary behaviour and develop new coping skills towards the object causinganxiety. It also allows the person to review their circumstances in light of this newinformation in an attempt to improve their situation and dispel any fears.

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