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Assertiveness Training Exercises

Assertiveness Training Exercises.Assertion training is a branch of social skills. Assertiveness is the ability to express feelings and ideas, both positive and negative, in an open, direct and honest manner while having consideration for the needs and views of others. Assertiveness skills training can be beneficial for a wide range of client groups, for example people who have difficulty in expressing themselves, experiencing anxiety, and having problems in managing their anger. Assertion training, as with other skills-based interventions, can be carried out either on an individual basis or as part of a group programme and will include active participation from the client in role play and homework tasks.

Assertiveness Training Exercises.The content of training will usually include increasing understanding of the different communication styles – passive, assertive and aggressive. Attention is paid to recognising both the verbal and non-verbal behaviours in each communication style. Other areas covered will include a review of assertive rights and the range of assertion techniques, such as broken record (where the assertive statement is repeatedly stated), fogging (acknowledging that the other person has a right to their view) and discrepancy assertion (to clarify seemingly contradictory messages, for example to complete a report in a short time span and yet to make it as comprehensive as possible).

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