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When suicide becomes a crime

 In some societies, attempting suicide is an offence and suicide becomes a legal or police case. Your first concern must be the person who made the attempt. If he has a supportive family and the suicide attempt was because of a minor stressful event, you may decide not to inform the police. However, it is sometimes the case that the suicide attempt is the symptom of serious harassment or problems at home. Typically, women who are being beaten by their spouse or abused by their inlaws may try and end their life. Informing the police, after discussing this first with the woman, may help. In more serious cases, an apparent suicide attempt by burning may ultimately turn out to be an attempt to kill the woman. These are difficult situations and you should discuss them with your colleagues. If you have a good link with the local police, you may be able to get their advice without registering a formal case.

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