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What Causes a Eating Disorder

Causes of binge eating disorder

 Binge eating disorder was first seen as a disorder in its own right in 1992. As thename suggests, binge eating disorder is when the person has recurrent episodes of bingeing (as seen in bulimia nervosa) but without the weight control behaviour.The person does not tend to use purgatives, excessive exercise or self-inducedvomiting as seen in a person with bulimia nervosa. However, the person withbinge eating disorder does experience distress during and after binge eating. Usually, the person is obese and tends to be aged between 40 and 50years old. Approximately one in five of people with binge eating disorder are men.According to Fairburn and Brownell, binge eating disorder affects 2-3% ofthe population, a much higher percentage is seen in weight-control clinics.

Adverse childhood experiences, tendency to obesity and repeated commentsregarding their shape and weight are likely precipitating factors for the developmentof this disorder. This is a relatively new area wherethere is limited research evidence.

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