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Health Determinants of Ageing Migrants

Health Determinants of Ageing Migrants Migration is regarded as a potentially stressful event. Yet, the ability to cope with a new environment and to adapt to a new socio-cultural sign system is unequally distributed in the migration population. It is important to recognize this heterogeneity when assessing potential health care problems of ageing migrants and […]


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The process of ageing

There are various theories of ageing including the genetic, the cellular and the physiological. However, precisely why we age and how we age is not fully understood. From an evolutionary perspective, it can be considered that we age because our bodies exist to carry and exchange gametes – eggs and sperm which do not age […]



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Experiences of ageing and mental illness

Ageing is a very individual experience, although there are a number of common themes in accounts of growing older. For example, old age is often encountered as a time of multiple losses, requiring adaptation to new situations and circumstances. Similarly, individual experiences of mental illness in later life are also unique: nonetheless, there will be […]


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