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Stages of Deminta

The stages of dementia
Early stage. The person may appear confused and forgetful about things that have just happened.
Concentration and making decisions become difficult. She may lose interest in her usual activities. Most families (and health workers) consider this phase as a part of ‘normal’ ageing.
Middle stage. Confusion, forgetfulness and mood changes become more severe. Behavioural problems such as aggression and sexual problems may occur. The elderly person may wander out of the house, his sleep becomes very disturbed and his ability to look after himself becomes affected. Even simple things like dressing may become impossible. He may have difficulty with talking and understanding everyday conversations.
Late stage. The person no longer recognises relatives or friends. Loss of weight, seizures and incontinence of urine and stool may occur. It is almost impossible to have any sensible conversation with her. She
may appear confused all the time. Death usually follows soon, often through pneumonia or other infections.

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