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Questions to ask the person who attempted suicide

• What happened? Did you want to end your life? Why?
• Did you have a plan? How long were you planning it? Did you tell anyone else about your plan?
Attempts that have been carefully planned and kept secret from others are more serious.
• How do you feel now? Many people are relieved that their attempt did not lead to death. Those who are not relieved are more likely to try again.
• Have you been feeling depressed recently? Have you lost interest in life?

• Do you feel you drink too much alcohol (or take drugs)? Ask questions about problem drinking
• What reasons are there for you to continue living? This is an important way of trying to get the person to think of the good things in life. Some people are so depressed that they cannot see
anything positive. This is a sign of how serious the illness is; it does not mean there is nothing for them to look forward to!

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